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 Welcome to "Daylight in the Swamp Charters" LLC.- The name of our Charter service has a very strong family connection for us.  Brothers-Capt. T.C. and Capt. Jeff- grew up fishing Lake Erie with our Grandfather  ("Gramps") who passed away in 2009.  Gramps was a retired Marine veteran and on fishing days he would always wake us up early saying "Daylight in the Swamp!!-time to go fishing!!"   When we got our boat there was no doubt as to what the name would be.. Our business is the carrying on of the legacy of our Grandfather who loved fishing Lake Erie with his family!


Charter Information:

You will need valid Ohio Fishing Licenses!!!

-If you possibly could become ill due to 

motion sickness-PLEASE take dramamine

before we leave the dock!!



Trip delays or cancellations:

We realize you may travel a long way for this fishing experience but the weather in this area can be hard to predict, they may call for high winds the day of the trip and it will do just the opposite, or they will call for nice calm weather and we will have 5 to 6 ft waves, we never really know until the evening prior to or the morning of a trip. For that reason you may want to prepare to find other activities in the area to do while you are here - there are a number of things to see and do in the Port Clinton / Sandusky area.  


All tackle (Rods, reels, bait, etc..) for the trip will be provided by the Captain(s). We are very willing to teach our method and we encourage our customer to participate and ask questions. 



All fish caught are the property of the party and are responsible for the cleaning, transportation and use of all fish kept. Cleaning and filleting services are available locally.


Fish Guarantee:

Though we would like to guarantee a limit of fish each trip out we cannot guarantee every trip will be that successful, however we will always strive to make your trip a memorable fishing experience!


Drugs, alcohol and firearms:

Illegal drugs are not permitted on our boat and will not be tolerated, the trip will end and authorities will be notified.  No hard alcohol will be allowed, beer or wine in cans or plastic containers only, no glass bottles.  Intoxicated people represents a saftey risk (see section on no refunds given.)


Firearms are not necessary and are illegal to be brought on board per federal regulations. 



Tipping the crew is appreciated, but not required.



As kids, we have great memories of fishing with our grandfather.  We are a kid-friendly boat and love to have kids ages 8 and up on our trips! Use of lifejackets is required for kids 12 and under - older kids are at the discretion of the parent, but the captain reserves the right to require lifejacket use if necessary. 



As required by the U.S. Coastguard, we are required to carry all necessary safety gear on our vessel. The safety of our passengers is our #1 priority and we will always take all necessary safety precautions.  Customers will receive a safety orientation before leaving the dock for all trips. The Captain reserves the right to cancel or end a trip early due to weather concerns, passenger conduct, boat malfunction, or any other situation that presents a safety concern to our customers.


What to bring:

Small cooler with beverages and lunch. We recommend having water or Gatorade on hot days as it can get very hot and sticky on the water. We recommend you bring an extra cooler to transport fish home with you.



If you have never been on the Great Lakes, or you have motion sickness problems, we recommend taking motion sickness medication.  This needs to be taken BEFORE we leave the dock to be effective.  


Bug spray and sunscreen:

This is necessary as overexposure can happen quickly out on the water - even on cloudy days sunburn can happen. Some days on the water there are biting flies or midges, so insect repellent is recommended.  



Our boat is equipped with a full private facility for your comfort and convenience. 










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